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The Edibles Collection includes designs inspired by favorite foods and good eats! All designs are stitched on 12x12 18ct canvas with a design size of 8x8. A recipe is included in each pattern!
E8 Lollipops

E7 Strawberry Shortcake
E6 Rainforest Crunch
E5 Tangerine Twist
E4 Blueberry Torte
E4 Blueberry Torte (Raspberry Version)
E3 Cherry Cordial (also available in other colorways)
CC3 Cherry Cordial (Blue Lagoon version)
CC3 Cherry Cordial (Molten Lava version)
E2 Guacamole
E1 Peach Melba (also available in other colorways)
CC1 Peach Melba (Blue Spruce version)
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