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Colorways shown below are just the threads and canvas. The colorway "names" are the main Watercolour used in the design.The design size is approximately 11.5x14.5 and the canvas size is 16x20. The kit includes the canvas and all the threads & beads required to stitch the entire design.
This is the colorway I used to stitch the piece shown in the photo at the top of the page. It is referred to as the "Original" colorway. The thread at the top is Appalachia Watercolours and the canvas at the bottom of the photo is Blue.
Bermuda Reef colorway on Aquamarine canvas
Kelsch colorway on Brown canvas (French Blue canvas also available - put a note in the comments to order)
Prickly Pear colorway on Brown canvas
Sedona Sunset colorway on Rose Blush canvas
Tahiti colorway on Yellow canvas
Fiesta colorway on Brown canvas

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