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Teaching Portfolio

I am available for teaching at Seminars, Chapters, and Shops. I also offer a program/lecture "The Emotion of Color" and am available for Color Consultation.
Class pieces are available only as class projects and are not available for individual sale. Commercial patterns may be purchased through needlework shops and through my Catalog. Commercial pieces are also available as class projects with additional colorways developed only for such classes.
Alternate colorways are available for all teaching designs shown below.
For more information and pricing, contact me.

Teaching Portfolio

Two Day Classes

Highland Circle
Spirit of Jean 
Serenity (1st of the Peace Trilogy)
Harmony (2nd of the Peace Trilogy)
Sudoku Delight
Mint Julep
Sherwood Garden

One Day Classes

Holiday Box (Christmas, Halloween, and Hanukkah colorways available)
Whirligig (part of class is discussion of color selection)
Hope (alternate patterns for corners are included in addtion to the alternate colorways)
Alternate Red Colorway

Featured Design


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